Our guiding principles

The assets of a company are its technology, its capital – and its talents too.
We are consultants and we also act at the interface between candidates and clients.
We start by actively listening to you to understand your challenges and your needs and wants before we take action.
By fostering a close partnership with you, we know precisely what you expect from us.

EXCELLENCE dans l’exécution des missions


in every task or project we undertake


Trust built on dedication

and a sense of responsibility

ENGAGEMENT auprès des clients et des candidats


to both clients and candidates

Company = Talents + Equity + Technology

We care about Talents

What we do

Since Talenance Executive Search was established in 2012, our number one goal has been to place people at the heart of our approach. Every member of our dynamic and dedicated team carries out their role with enthusiasm and commitment. Partners with our clients and coaches for our candidates, we strive to join the dots between competence, performance and professional development. This vision is a guarantee of excellence in the interests of every stakeholder. We are committed to creating value and delivering bespoke services:

Our strengths

Les consultants de Talenance - Cabinet de conseil en recrutement
Possess a global vision and expertise on the sectors they recruit for

Assess the compatibility between the candidate and the employer, factoring in the circumstances and specifications of the placement

Provide feedback so clients can improve and adapt their processes

Retain talents through a lasting and trusting partnership
Les chargés de recherche de Talenance - Cabinet de conseil en recrutement
Master direct approach techniques

Lend strong support to consultants throughout the recruitment process in France and internationally
La satisfaction des clients - Cabinet de conseil en recrutement
Customer satisfaction surveyed to measure
The value-added of the consulting

Degree of understanding of project stakes and specifications

The efficiency of the methodology

The fitness of the solutions proposed

The quality of the partnership
Une amélioration continue - Cabinet de conseil en recrutement
Continuous improvement
Long-term intuitu personae relationship

Post-placement feedback process with candidates and clients

Outcomes communicated to each employee of the firm for action

Our team and scope of services

We work with clients around the world. Our expertise and wide network allow us to undertake projects using the direct approach or executive search wherever needed.
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Frédérick MARTIN
Founding Partner

A graduate of business school ESCP (1994) and an alumnus of Deloitte, Frédérick applied his 15 years of experience working for consulting firms in France and overseas as well as sitting on various management boards, bearing responsibility for several practices, to set up Talenance in 2012.

Baptiste Duffau

With over 10 years’ experience in management roles at listed American recruitment consulting firms, Baptiste joined Talenance in 2015. He became partner in 2019 and assumed greater responsibility for the firm’s HR matters.

Stéphanie Malgouzou
Chief Operating Officer

Stéphanie joined Talenance in 2016 after more than 12 years holding finance positions in Paris and New York in listed consulting firms and large corporations. A graduate of ESCP (2013), today she heads up our team of producer/consultants and headhunters.

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Nathalie DRAY
Performance & Office Manager

Thanks to her 15 years at financial management companies and four years running her own business, Nathalie, who graduated from business school ESC Grenoble in 1996, came to Talenance in 2020 in an administrative and marketing support role.

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Patrick THOMAE

Patrick joined Talenance in 2021 after over 20 years working in the head-hunting industry, a well as in HR in multinationals of the automotive and food industry. Patrick masters 4 languages and is graduated from NEOMA BS

Séverine COUSSOT

University education, Séverine started her career at a headhunting firm in 2002 before joining Talenance in 2020 specializing in transport, logistics and supply chain.

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Roseline MALINGE

Graduated in Law and Human Resources, Roseline worked for more than 15 years for SMES or international firms. She joined Talenance in 2021 as HRBP to ensure the internal resources development.

Anne Capron

Initially a headhunter, Anne moved into a consulting role for a major recruitment consulting firm. Specializing in the life sciences sector, she came onboard in 2021 and works in a range of business sectors.

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Carole Andreux
Senior Consultant

Carole joined Talenance in 2021 with 12 years of experience in Executive Search . She is an expert in communication, sales, IT as well as in support functions.

Senior Headhunter

Graduated with a Mastere in Human Resources, Anne applied her 10 years of experience in recruitment consulting firms. She joined Talenance in 2021 as Senior Headhunter.

Junior Headhunter

Graduated with a Mastere in Consulting (ESSCA) and after several internships, Charles joined Talenance in october 2021 as Junior Headhunter.

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    E-mail : contact@talenance.com
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